Okay pep talk time!

Hopefully tomorrow he will be in class! And you know what? I got this. I. Freaking. Got. This. What do I have to do? Say hi? I can say hi to a ton of other people and talk to strangers with ease. I can easily say hi and talk to him. There’s so much I want to know! All I have to do is wave him over and I’m sure he’ll sit by me. Act casual.

I did embarass myself last week, but the day after he did come up to say bye with a smile on his face. That has to mean something, even if it’s just as friends. He acknowledges me. And not just… oh hey, slight wave. It was a full out goofy exaggerated lean over and wave with a big smile and then quickly keep going and looking back still a bit. :D So it’s not like I’d be weird by talking to him. He’s a nice person.

For once, I’m going to actually have courage and confidence. Not just to hopefully get him, but to help myself as well. I do have a chance with him. I’m smart, I’m not hideous, and I can make him laugh and talk. I have my dorky, socially awkward charm. :D Who cares if I’m from a ghetto American small town and he’s from Malaysia? This is the 21st century! He wouldn’t go to America if he hated Americans. :) All I need is a good positive attitude, and I’m sure I’ll be fine. 

And if he isn’t interested, oh well. I’d be sad, but he’d still be a good friend. :) He’s just so darn cute.

Short Term Goal: Sit by him and talk to him. 

Long Term Goal: At least stay in contact over the summer so I can hang out with him in the fall.

Pueblo Indian Kiva by Stephen Oachs (ApertureAcademy.com) on Flickr.
Qutub Tower , Delhi (14th Century AD) by kholkute on Flickr.
Monk, Bodhgaya by Marji Lang on Flickr.
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